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Reactivar el meu fotolog.

Per pistu,

Ja l'he enviat sis cops... a veure si així...

Hi, Fotolog admins:
It's Anna and my fotolog account is /pistu.

I have had my fotolog for nearly 3 years and I had never had a problem, until today. Somebody has deactivated my user, and I'm sure this has to be a big mistake because not only i didn't have a bad photo but also I had the same behaviour as always. Please, i wish you could consider the case, because my flog was big part of my life, and although I started copying it, I don't have it, so lots of my memories were there.. and nowhere else..This MUST HAVE BEEN a mistake. A very big mistake. If you could reopen it for me, it would be great.

If someone reported my bad "behaviour", i'm sure it was someone that wanted me no good. They acted like jerks and that's it.So I hope this case can be solved. Although I think there's lots of mails and time needed.

Many thanks in advance.

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