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war of differentiation

Per rferreño,

I don’t know what I will be doing in five years later as a journalist, but the only think I am sure of is that I won’t be doing it in Spain. I know that, because I have the dream to get better in my profession by travelling and meeting new people from other countries. But, life changes so quick that you can see yourself doing things you would never have expected.

In these four years of university I’ve learnt many different things like how to write proper news, how many genres has the journalistic style and what kind of attitude I should have as a journalist. Nevertheless, the only thing I will always remember is that being a journalist is a privilege; a privilege that some people take it as a common.

Unfortunately, the difference between these people and I could be enormous, but not everybody can appreciate it. Everyday, we have to fight with news, with circumstances that make our work harder than it (sometimes) is. And now, we are also struggling to prove our credibility against that kind of people and to differentiate our work from theirs. We can only believe in the fact that the society will notice the difference.


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